Below are what a few of my students had to say about the classes they have taken with me in the Fall and Spring semesters of 2013 - 2015.

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"Daniel's class made my creative process much more effective. I work faster, my brainstorming has improved, and he offered a lot of valuable insight into the business of editorial art. I one-hundred percent recommend his indy study!" - Jake Giddens, Fall 2015

"Working with Daniel one-on-one in the Independent Study course enabled me to hone my illustration skills both technically and conceptually, and gave me the confidence to start actively pursuing editorial illustration work. I ended up with a handful of pieces that I was very proud of and that I now use to promote myself. Overall, it was extremely helpful to learn from Daniel's experience and insights, and his critiques and advice helped me push my work to the next level."  - Christina Mattison Klaven, Fall 2014

Daniel used the one-on-one tutoring format of this class to great effect, tailoring the syllabus to my individual interests, starting point, and future goals. His class guided me in refining my idea of what kind of illustration work I wanted to make and pursue while building the practical toolkit I needed to promote myself and my work. The weekly sessions were a great balance of both learning to approach a topic from a conceptual standpoint and thinking more closely about the materials and methods I was using to convey those concepts. Homework assignments were challenging, and Daniel's feedback and critiques were very specific and instructive, helping me get more out of them than I ever would have by tackling them alone. Always willing to take extra time to answer questions above and beyond topics covered in class, Daniel is an excellent mentor, and very generous with sharing his extensive knowledge. I hadn't picked up any illustration classes during my undergrad education, and this class went a long way towards covering what I missed. It was exactly the push I needed both for my technical skills and my understanding of the practice and business of illustration. I highly recommend it! - Carey Pietsch, Spring 2014 

I graduated from art school a couple of years ago and had kind of hit a plateau in my skills and confidence. I was looking for ways to improve and Daniel's class was exactly what I needed. The one-on-one time really allows the instruction to be catered to your individual skill level. I learned to think more conceptually as well as make better design decisions, and I now approach illustrations in a new way. At the end of the course I was pleasantly surprised to look over the work I created and see how much I had improved in the ten short weeks. I also learned much more about the business side of the illustration industry and gained some pretty invaluable insight that I know will help me get jobs in the future. I really couldn't be more pleased and thankful! - Haley Stone, Spring 2014

An invaluable resource to anyone with an interest in the art of illustration. Daniel is an experienced and knowledgeable guide that will show how to break into an industry that can seem overwhelmingly shrouded in mystery. Whether you are a student starting out, just need to sharpen your skills, or you want to learn the ins and outs of how to get published, take this class. - Eddie Alvarez, Spring 2014 

After studying fine art in college I became more interested in illustration, unsure of how to switch tracks I took Daniel's class. It has definitely helped me start thinking in a way better suited to editorial work and taught me the steps I need to take in order to move my portfolio and networking in the right direction. I learned a lot, even with my "never ask questions" learning style and he was always prepared to answer questions the times I did ask and more than willing to provide concrete examples of anything I requested. I definitely recommend him to anyone interested in pushing their skills and developing a career in illustration unsure of where to start. - Ali Dalsing, Spring 2014

All I can say, As I never had illustration classes before, only with my little knowledge..I could only draw. But, Your classes really helped me to get to the next level in illustration and understand it more. It was a challenge for me to do all the homework but you were a great teacher. Thanks for everything. 
Gizem Vural, Fall 2013

Daniel Fishel is an exceptional teacher that really knows how to break down an image and concept. His capability to stimulate ideas and give a beneficial critique for any level student is incomparable. Almost most importantly Daniel is a mentor for students that really cares, and wants to help. His ability to help connect students to the professional world and real job opportunities is truly a gift that very few are offered. - Jared Tuttle, Fall 2013

As a self-taught illustrator who has been working for about 4 years, Daniel's class is exactly what I needed to push my work to the next level both conceptually and technically. The weekly assignments with real deadlines helped me learn to trust my instincts more and make good decisions on the fly. Daniel was happy to answer any industry-related questions and gave me real-world advice based on what he knew of my work and my career. I highly recommend this class. - Michelle Kondrich, Fall 2013