“Diversity” - Acrylic + ink on 7.5"x9.5" paper

I was asked by Craig Bowers to create a small painting for the Vend.Mend.Send fund raiser. The aim of the whole project is to raise $8000 for doctors without borders in relief of Japan’s March 11th earthquake disaster. Other organizers of this event include Jee-Shaun Wang and the fabulous Whitney Sherman.

The concept behind all of the artwork in the show is to make a piece about something that comes out of vending machines. For my piece I wanted to create something that was iconic and alittle fun. Someone blowing colored bubbles to me is just that. My work tends to be super moody, and because of the focus of where the funds were going, I didn’t want to make something that would be to dark.

All of the artwork will be raffled off from a gum ball machine on July 1st in Baltimore at the Sub basement artist studios. I will be hung in a room of with other artist such as Scott Bakal, Martha Rich, Harry Campbell, Niv Bavarsky, Mark Todd and so many more!