This Week...

FYI about this week…..


- Feel free to email me if you have project in mind for the following week. I will be unavailable to take on new illustration work that would be due between July 26th through July 29th.

- All web store orders made by Monday Afternoon on July 25th wont be shipped till August 2nd. Sorry, it’s just me here doing all the packing/shipping.

- I am no longer selling prints on my big cartel site, I will be selling prints on Art Flakes and Society 6 when I get back from Philadelphia.

- That being said, I am now selling the one off framed prints from my group show at Visual Arts gallery - HERE!!!!

-I will have a new product(s) in the big cartel web store by the second week of August. Get Stoked!


Have a good week guys! I will be in Philadelphia setting up my show with John Malta at Paradigm Gallery. If your around, hit us up for lunch or dinner.