The last of summer fun...

It’s November and I am still being reminded that it’s no longer summer. I was hired not too long ago to do a piece for American Lawyer. The illustration would accompany their summer associate survey (a fancy way of saying summer interns) for 2011. From what I was told in the past few years it was pretty gloomy for the interns as law firms weren’t really hiring as much, but from this survey the associates came back with high hopes and had a lot of fun.

In a lot of the sketches I showed I tried to make them as fun as possible while still showing that they were business-like. I really wanted to do the dauphin sketch so badly! None the less, I drew a beach ball as the sun.

To keep the summer illustrations going in this post here is another illo I did for Honolulu Magazine. It’s for an article about how red cups are the “I don’t see your drinking a alcoholic beverage on the beach” unwritten rule with lifeguards and the police. Basically, if you put it in a red cup no one is going to bug you. Cody wanted me to focus on the celebratory aspect at the end of the article like a bunch of hands holding up red cups. Still I wanted to throw out my ideas.

I would have loved to go with the first idea because of how the shade concels that they are drinking on the beach even though the cups are blaringly red. All in all, the direction continued on to the last sketch. I had a lot of fun painting the ocean.

Thanks Judy and Cody for putting the final nail on all of my summer themed illoz for 2011. Time to paint more fall leaves and snow….