The job that got away...

On April 11th, 2011 at Milan design week, the fine folk at Moleskine announced their new line of products they just put out. Which means I can now talk a little bit about the job that got away.

I was approached by gentleman from Moleskine at their New York office, and he was interested in having me do a series of sketches to propose how I could use illustration for their new line of products they were putting out. Sadly they choose to continue to use their clean design treatment and not go into a different direction. Now that the products are in the public eye, I feel I can comfortably talk about how I approached the illustration project.

After re-drawing all the products/displays in adobe illustrator, I imposed my tight sketches of what I would put just as line work on the labels/packaging. I felt that full color illustrations were way to much for the simplistic packaging they were known for. So I drew a guy looking at a flower with more clarity, a girl drawing on a tree stump and even a inception like drawing of people walking with bags at all different angles. Nothing super conceptual heavy. Just people doing stuff.

I even got to purpose this idea of taking my abstract backgrounds/night+day time skys as a way to break up how the blank displays looked. My idea was to make them feel as organic as the drawings/paintings/doodles that are drawn in their famous notebooks. It also relates to this over all concept they had that these were things that you use while traveling at all times of the day and night.

Even though Moleskine choose to keep it’s original packaging, it was a really good experience going through the process of pitching an idea for what would have been a dream project. Next Time! :)