The Coach and the Evaluator

I recently had the pleasure of working with Judi Connelly at the Educational Leadership magazine for an article about teachers learning how to teach their classes better through evaluation. The editors had a clear view of how they wanted to see the image to be resolved but were open to other ideas. Their suggestion was to have two figures interacting. One doing something and the other measuring the outcome.

After my sketches were sent around, the editors and Judi liked the idea of ambiguous hands doing things and the idea one person watering a plant and one person measuring it. Judi got back to me with the text lay out and suggested how we could make the image work. True collaboration right here guys!

After this sketch was a approved, their were some small suggestions that were thrown in and subtracted from the sketch that really help make the image.

I have to hand it to Judi in the end. I really think that the collaboration of the design lay out and the illustration is what really makes this piece interesting and dynamic. I don’t think this image would work as a traditional full page to the left or right of a page as it does here.

Thanks again Judi! This was a great piece to work on and hope to do more stuff with you in the future.