Just a thought: It's all in the subtleties

More and more I’ve been using two kinds of black acrylic paint along with ink to do line work in what I do. One kind is a super cheap black that doesn’t lay on as a solid black or carry a long line well at all. The other kind is a black that is 100% opaque and gives a nice line that isn’t as fluid as ink, but gives a nice texture.

In between working on various projects, I’ve been working on my next mailer. While filling in a area with a pure black, it reminded me of abstract painters that paint black on black. Their work is purely about paint on surface and how we emote/react to the various surfaces that make the piece what it is. Lately I’ve been thinking about the subtle marks within a fill that makes for these mini abstractions within a representational piece. It doesn’t make or break a piece from it’s intention conceptually, but it adds a personal element or an observed purposeful element that I am trying to add to my work.