Resources for litterial #arttips + #protips !

If anyone who follows me on twitter knows, I kind of hate #arttips and #protips. I hate them so much, I’ve pretty much run wild on twitter being satirical about it. (ex1, ex2, ex3.) I feel that when someone throws out this hash tag, it is meant to be meaningful and helpful while it also and often comes off as condescending.

Instead of just wagging my finger on the internet making fun of this 140 character blight, I figured I’d be helpful and post a few links that give legit art tips and pro tips illustrators can use.

  1. Agency Access Lab Blog - I feel like this blog gives different points of view from illustrators and photographers on the industry at large.
  2. Illustration Age - Not only does it have a long list of resources you can use to find what you need, every week has different illustrators they post about that are truly inspiring.
  3. Your Dreams My Nightmares - A podcast run by Sam Weber who interviews illustrators, art directors and those involved with both.
  4. The Business of illustration Website - Neil Swaab is super generous by making a website specifically about how to start a freelance illustration practice.
  5. Drawn + Drafted - Basics, quick and easy for how to jump start your practice.
  6. Andy J Miller - Andy is an illustrator who writes a lot about illustration and it’s always thoughtful and mindful. Give it a read (and look at his beautiful work, too!)
  7. Idea Generation from Jillian Tamaki - Jillian has a way of really telling you how to break down problem solving in this post.
  8. On Improving from Meg Hunt - Meg did a similar post a few years ago that is worth checking out.
  9. Muddy Colors - For those interested in tips and tricks from those who work in Fantasy illustration
  10. Indy Study? - Some people need more than a resource and need actual assignments. Thought everything above is free and insightful, I teach an online class that will go over some of the things above and much more.

If there are any other resources you’d like me to add here, shoot me a tweet. Otherwise, reblog this so that others can find this post useful.