Three Stories - Huffington Post

On Friday, I was lucky enough to have a series of illustrations published in the Huffington Post iPad Magazine. I finally got the chance to work with Martin Gee who is as fantastic of a person as he is an art director/illustrator. Below are the three sharply different stories I illustrated for him at the post.

How Pre-Black Friday deals are keeping us from our families at Thanksgiving.

For a story written by a former Republican turned Libertarian on how the re-election of Obama isn’t voting to change the direction of the country but further it’s decline when it should be going up.

Lastly, this is for a story about how the General Petraeus sex scandal is distracting us from the larger conversation about children in Vietnam being fathered by solders who left them behind during the Vietnam war.

Martin did a wonderful job laying out these pages. Something I was mindful of when creating the images, is that as a series I wanted them to be connected in someway. So in each of the pieces I used the color yellow. So when I got the screenshot of the layout showing the “scrubber” (the dock that pops up at the bottom), I knew I did a good job designing the images. Thanks again Martin!