One Year anniversary of "After Thoughts" - Honolulu Magazine

For the past year, I’ve been working on a monthly magazine section called “Afterthoughts” with Cody (art director) and Mike (editor) at Honolulu Magazine. This section of the magazine is dedicated to life in Hawaii. Working with the guys at Honolulu magazine has been flattering and I hope to continue with them for another year.

This month’s illustration deals with a slew of arcades that pose as gambling casinos throughout Hawaii. These establishments are illegal in Hawaii and there has been a recent crack down on the arcades. They claim to be entertainment but are truly venues for gambling. For the illustration, Cody and I decided to make an arcade stick out like a sore thumb in an average neighborhood.

Riding Bikes. Driving Cars. - Honolulu Magazine

Here’s my latest piece for Honolulu Magazine’s “Afterthoughts section”. This month I illustrated an article about Mike’s personal dilemma. On one hand he is a huge supporter of riding his bike everywhere in the city, but as he get’s older he starts to see the benefits of owning a car. He can drive his friends everywhere, it makes grocery shopping much easier (he can carry more than one bag of groceries back to his place).

It was super fun to work on. 

Side note: I am pretty sure this is my ninth or tenth illustration of a bike(s) that I have done in the past year. However, none of these were done for a bicycle magazine. Hit me up guys!

Lack of Police Presence - Honolulu Magazine

For May, I was asked to illustrate an opinion-driven piece for Honolulu Magazine’s “Afterthoughts.”

The article described the lack of police presence in Honolulu’s up and coming China Town. The authors used Otto of Otto’s Cakes (a famous local cake shop) to show how drug dealers are threatening local merchants to move out of the neighborhood.

Otto attempted to gain the attention of police with no luck. Eventually, he wrote “HELP” on the window and a note saying he would only take orders placed over the phone/email and no longer held regular business hours . What a shame!

Here are two other ideas I conjured up. The first, a switch blade in a cake. The second,  Otto waiting for phone calls hunched behind the counter while the doors remained locked. Thanks again Cody + Mike for an awesome written piece to illustrate.