If you’ve been following my blog you’ll notice that I’ve been doing a lot of small traditional paintings. It’s all really in practice to make art work that will be in two group shows coming up. One show I have to make three pieces! Lucky the other one I have to only make one, but because of the hype the show will have, the pressure is still high to make something great. More on that later and back to the work…. So with this piece it’s easy to pass it off as something that is often done a lot today (dots + ornamentation), but I wanted to kinda show the artwork I am referencing a little bit. I guess it’s a way to reveal my process and open up. The artwork I’ve been looking at for reference is classic 20th century super designed record covers from here - http://www.projectthirtythree.com/

For this piece I’ve thought about the science of what are glasses. The human eye takes in light, reflects it and forms an image with color, much like a prism. I thought it would be great to make a piece of artwork that abstractly shows that without showing the human form.

“Optical” 8"x10" - Acrylic + Ink on paper mounted to board

This piece was submitted for a opening in brooklyn. I’ll throw you the details soon if it’s up for show.