“The Revised Fundamentals of Caregiving” - Washington Post

Here is an illustration I completed for the Washington Post’s book review of “The Revised Fundamentals of Caregiving.”  In the book a middle aged man faced with the difficulty of acquiring employment, talks his way into becoming a caregiver. While dealing with his own baggage he attempts to convince a 19 year old with a degenerative disease to look forward to a future that they both know is not bright. He takes him on a series of trips throughout the state of Washington to not only build a bond with the kid but also to help him better understand himself.

Kristin and I agreed that I would show the young man’s wheelchair spokes breaking off and cutting into the caregiver’s legs. This symbolizes both the deterioration of the 19 year old and the effect this has on the caregiver. Above are a few sketches that show this concept and others. I also want to point out that the original format for this illustration was a square and changed after the sketches were turned in. It was printed in black and white but shown in full color on their website and as a spot on the cover of the style guide.