Memoir of a Black Punk - Baltimore City Paper

When I left high school, all I drew was punk rockers. It’s funny that seven years later, I would get asked to draw one for Joe over at Baltimore City Paper. Joe was kind enough to let me draw the hand lettering on the cover illustration to go along with the color interior for the paper.

These images were created in less than 24 hours which is something I prefer over one-two week deadlines. Mostly because the pressure of a tight deadline loosens me up, and creates a more honest, raw image.

The article is about a young man who identifies himself as a punk rocker after moving from Harlem (where he attended a private school) to Baltimore (where he attended public school for the first time). The art direction was to show him post-discovery as a mohawk wearing punk, opposite to him in his ‘good clothes’. This was a fun set of images to work on.