Stairway to Heaven - Honolulu Magazine

This month I was generously given some breath-taking photographs to use as reference for a column I illustrate for Honolulu Magazine, “After thoughts”. The story is about a trail called “the Stairway to Heaven” which consists of 3,922 metal stairs bolted to the side of lush mountains that stretch miles.

Unfortunately, the Hawaiian government has banned walking on the the trail since 1987. However, many people sneak onto the trail in the thick of night when guards are least likely to protect the entrance.

After reading the story, I wondered why it’s such a concern to keep people off of the trail. Is it for health reasons? Did something really terrible happen? All I know is that after seeing some of the photographs of the trail, I really want to walk it.

Anyway, Cody and I decided to combine both of the sketch ideas seen above.