"Shut the door" Prep/Opening

With the help of our intern, we were able to get all the artwork on the walls as well as have my side of the gallery painted in the first day. John then spent the next two days to paint two huge murals on the walls. Lots of pizza/cheesesteaks/Wawa was consumed, and I got to show John around my favorite spots in Philadelphia. It was great to take a break from the day to day illustration grind to set up a gallery show in a familiar city, and kinda relax for a bit. I even reached out to a few folk I haven’t met before as well.

The opening of “Shut the Door” was a success! Around 40-50 people came and went throughout the opening, stories + laughs were exchanged as we ate pizza and drank brews. I am pretty sure if it wasn’t super spotty with rain we would have had more people show up, but what are you going to do.

A huge thanks to Paradigm Gallery for having us show at their space. A huge thanks to my friend Angie who let us stay at her place while we were in town to install the show. And a special thanks to all the folk who showed up and bought some art work.


The Closing reception is on August 19th from 6pm-10pm, so I hope to see you there. Also, if your out of town and want to buy some artwork, later this week on Paradigms webstore, you will be able to buy some of the work online.