SHUT THE DOOR | Paradigm Gallery

A few months ago, I emailed Sarah and Jason who are curators at Paradigm Gallery, to see if they had any show openings in the fall. I suggested that I wanted to do a solo show but I was open to doing a duo show as well. When they got back to me, they asked for a suggestion on who I would do a duo show with. After alittle bit of consideration, I asked my good friend, John Malta ( do the show with me.

We are calling the show “Shut the door” as an ambiguous anthem, to celebrating our transitions in life. For John, he is wrapping up his second year at the SVA MFA Illustration program, while I am embracing the full time professional artist life head on. Much of the work were creating deal with memory, nature, and a conceptual narrative about what both of us uniquely internalize.

“No Where” - 10"x10" - Acrylic Paint on paper mounted to a wooden panel.

Each week I will take a quick rough photo or a hard scan of one or two of the pieces I am working on and post them to my blog, up until the opening reception which is to be announced in the next week or so. Above is a painting of a landscape with a really small trailer hitched in the middle of it. In central Pennsylvania, you could drive a distance and see nothing but fields, trees, and mountains and the occasional trailer or home plopped in the middle of nowhere. It’s kinda strange to me how people want to be isolated and not deal with anyone, and in a way it’s really sad.

More paintings, drawings, and sculptures (yes, I am creating a sculpture or two) to come!