My friend Marcos wrote a blog post a while back saying that on occasion he will take jobs that he has done in the past and tweak them. He did not do this because he made mistakes but because it would help him become a better artist and create a better piece. I would much rather move forward, do a piece, learn from it and continue on to the next work of art.

Back in 2009, the second magazine illustration job that I had gotten was for Grid Magazine. The piece was about how to live sustainably during the holidays. More in depth, it was about how easy it is to spend a lot of money and give in to old habits when you’re trying to become a better person. The original piece was painted flat and had no real surface to it but I still really loved the concept and wanted to redraw it. (see the original here)

Lately I’ve been playing around with detailed areas sitting next to areas of flat shapes and scribbles to play around with interpretation. This was a lot of fun to rework.