Pines Residential Treatment Center: Washington City Paper

The other week, I was asked if I wanted to take on a really difficult article, for the Washington City Paper. The illustrations I would create would go onto the cover and the interior of the publication this friday. You can view this article online.

The hardest part about working on this assignment was that, the solution that they wanted was more narrative than conceptual. So when developing idea’s (a few shown above), I tried to walk the line between narrative and conceptual. More so, focusing on the mood of the artwork and suggesting what “M” was trying to do to his arm.

The whole article is centered around the violence, neglect, money scandals and suicide attempts that happens in this Virginia based treatment center. 

The one thing that I found out from this article is that these Juvenile Residential Treatment centers, aren’t run like prisons. I had a weird misconception that they were like detention centers, since the Pines took in many juveniles that were gang members. These were some of the early sketches that I thought would have been clever to actually run.

I want to thank both Jandos and Brooke for working with me on this really tough article. It was pretty intriguing to come up with visual solutions for this sensitive issue.