Paint it Pink.

Here’s some new artwork for Decembers afterthoughts section in Honolulu Magazine. For the past few months I’ve been illustrating the afterthoughts section with Cody (the AD), which is geared towards thoughts/concerns/ruminations about living in Honolulu. This months article is about how beige and/or desaturated Honolulu’s buildings have become in the past fifteen to twenty years and how Hawaii should make PINK its state wide color. A color that everyone should paint all the buildings with, no matter the hue or pantone.

I had a few conceptual and straight forward ways to visually show a town turning from one color to another. In the writing, it talks about a sports team, I think they were called the Rainbows, and how they recently changed their name to something else and how Michael (the editor/writer) was a bit bummed about it. It would have been cool to show a rainbow dripping into the town but I was pretty glad to draw something that was dynamic while also showing something that was a bit mundane (painting). Thanks Cody!