Not my madison

Two weeks ago, I got a call from the amazing Carolyn Fath, from Isthmus magazine to do their cover illustration. The article I was illustrating had to do with the authors displacement with the city that he grew up in (aka Madison, WI). He went off in the Peace Corps a few years ago and when he came back, the city was changed by the current political climate. Neighbors fighting over nothing and such.

Sketch number one was sooooooo close to running! But alas, still a great idea, Number four ran which illustrates the cities character/illustrates the bigger picture. Originally my idea was to have the windows in the building be broken to show a terrible change in character, but the editors thought that it was a little to dark for the story. So to make the whole thing work I choose to show this change with the city being dark when it’s actually day time outside. Pretty cool eh?

Big thanks to Carolyn for this awesome gig! It was a really fun piece to work on.