New Mailer Image (with process)

The Auto industry is in trouble - Used or New nothing is selling fast enough.

I was asked by a friend if I could post a little bit about the process and thoughts going into the piece so here we go. I wanted to create a piece about the current state of auto industry that I could relate to. I grew up in a small town and alot of times I would see the product of grown men’s frustration sitting in their yards and driveways. Cars that were being rebuilt that were never finished, sitting on cinderblocks with nature starting to take over the car.

As someone who lives in a city, I no longer want to drive a car. Not only are they are so expensive to buy but also to maintain. When I did have a car, I kept it till I could no longer afford to fix it. That was four years ago.  The auto industry produces so many cars and expects to sell so many of it’s newer cars every year. I feel that no matter if they are trying to sell new cars or “pre-owned” cars, they will always struggle to get their cars off the lot. Just like a man in their mid-life crisis doesn’t seem to follow through in fixing that classic car that he’s been working on for a few years.

I typically start a piece with a rough sketch and then work up a tight acrylic line drawing. I put that drawing on a light box and put a sheet of paper over it to then start painting in shapes and details that I need.

I then change the color of the lines using channels, and fit the main elements of the drawing in the space before I start to throw in all of the shapes that I then collage in.

After I lay out the main surface colors to pin point the mood, I then have an idea of how the rest of the colors will follow through.