Later 2011, Hello 2012!

“RELAX, the world isn’t going to end in 2012” - Honolulu Magazine


Most of it has to do with so many of the amazing illustrators I have befriended in real life and through twitter, Without your guy’s support and friendship, I wouldn’t know where I’d be. Huge thanks to the many art directors/musicians I have worked with who have hired me to make a ton of really fun artwork. Sometimes once, sometimes twice, and sometimes every month. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you so much. Lastly, I have to thank my wonderful roommates for keeping me social, and kind of inspired.

Goals for 2012 - Work Hard + make time to live.

1. Stop worrying so much… The world is not going to end, the milk is probably still good, pretty sure I can do a 4 hour deadline, is my hair getting too long? did I already wear this shirt? Am I forgetting something?… D:

2. Staying in touch. I have worked with a lot of wonderful people, and hung out with a ton of creative people this year. I am totally flattered to work/hang out with so many rad people. I want to know how I can better stay connected with you guys without in 2012.

3. Truly understand how “I” define my work. It’s always interesting to hear other people’s responses of what they see/feel/think about my work. Often times, my work is described as “fine art illustration”, “Vintage colors”, “painterly textured, sort of narrative”. I always thought of myself as a conceptual/poetic illustrator who creates his images on the computer. I think how “I” define myself is important to explore because I run a business. And, how I define myself helps guide others on how they can use me. I also don’t want to get too caught up in definitions either because they can totally suck you dry.

4. Working on larger projects… Series of book covers? T-shirt line? Vinyl cut murals for a pop-up shop(s)? Corporate Annual Reports? Skateboard Decks? Multi-layered AD campaign involving printed posters, interactivity for the web/tablet, and other printed ephemera?

5. I want to make books…. I have been asked to make two children’s books this year. They were both killed in the early stages. Let’s make this happen guys. Childrens book, Adult picture book, Let’s make a nice collection of images together.

6. Live. A few close friends of mine tell me too often that I need to leave my apartment. This is true. So, I plan on taking a few days to a week off every month starting in January. Illustration/handlettering is wonderful, but, I’d like to think I have deeper interests than just that.

So That’s That! Thank you again guys for getting me stoked everyday to create things for myself and for you. I am really lucky to be able do this every day. HAPPY NEW YEAR GUYS!