Lands End

Lands End hosted a PR event here in New York City as a huge promotion for their new spring line of clothing called “Lands End Canvas”. The people at Lands End were super generous, and were probably the coolest people I have ever worked for. They even blew up some of our artwork to display.


Keith Negley , cecilia ruiz, John Malta, and myself painted whatever we wanted oon huge sections of canvas. Other people who were coming in could “leave their mark” on the open areas and it was part of a huge, collaborative, exquisite corpse. It was a really really interesting experience painting side by side with my colleagues and non-trained artist alike to create a piece of work.

Kelsey Dake was in town for the American Illustration party and painted a portrait of me at the event.

Keith Negley.

John Malta.

Photo from the District L blog.


A huge thanks to the PR group and representatives at Lands End who thought this would be a really cool idea to do. It was a lot of fun.