It was Tuesday night, when I got a phone call from Wesley Bausmith at the LA Times. He asked me if I was available to do a piece of art that was due Friday at noon and I told him I was down for it. The story was about “The Narcissism surrounding Millennials upon the death of Bin Ladin.”

The first couple rounds were either to busy, literal or to abstract. Nothing was really pinning the topic. Then I remembered Norman Rockwell’s “Girl in the mirror” and thought about how dated the idea of narcissism being associated with mirrors were. Then I remembered when my sister got her first cell phone and how all of the camera phone pictures were of herself. That was it, that was the personal frame of reference I needed to nail the piece…

I did a tight sketch in about 15 minutes and sent it off Thursday night, and got it approved with some slight art direction. I had to make her alittle more expressive and happier while she was looking into the camera. I also had to add legs in the background to show it as a gathering and keep them pressed back into space. One thing I self directed later was keeping the flag out of the cell phone to make it more about herself than being patriotic.

This piece ran in yesterdays Sunday Edition of the LA Times Op-Ed.

Thanks again Wes for assigning me a super challenging article. It was mind bending but fun! I can’t wait to work with you again.

On another note, as of Thursday afternoon I officially have my MFA in ILLUSTRATION AS A VISUAL ESSAY from School of Visual Arts. What a great way to end a week right?