I love tear sheets!

Whether an art director offers, or I ask,  it’s always cool getting printed copies in the mail for recent work I’ve done. I am familiar with the look and feel of most of the publications I promote to. So, when I get copies of publications that I normally don’t see on the news rack/already subscribe to, it’s always great to see the pairing of illustration collaborating with design.

Again, this is the cover I did for the fall guide for the Washington City Paper but I never got to see how my hand lettering was used for the interior or the final production of the cover. I love the hand made swipe Brooke added to the titles.

This is the finished spread I worked on with Judi at the Educational Leadership Magazine. I really love the final solution of the spread.

This is the final cover I worked on with Kate over at Ursinus Magazine. Brains are pretty intense to draw! Especially with beams coming out of them.

Hopefully I can get more tear sheets for the work I do in the future. Hint Hint :)

Thanks Again Brooke, Judi and Kate for sending these over to me.