Head in the cloud(s)?

A while ago, I got a nice email from Rob over at Mac World magazine to do a piece about whether or not you should buy insurance on your cloud email. The suggestions Rob made were a guy with an umbrella with clouds above him, and a guy in a parachute coming down in the clouds. Both with messenger bags with mail of course. duh!

After Rob took the sketches to the editor, the editor liked the suggested ideas but wanted to see the ideas alittle clearer with more mail and a gmail logo on the bag.

Rob got back to and told me that Number 1 was the choice so it is off to final.

I ran into manhattan to pick up a few things and saw that the October issue of Macworld was already on stands. So you might be able to find it out there now if you want a good read.

Thanks again Rob for hiring me to do a pretty cool illo for a dream nerdy magazine.