False Memory - Arris Lofts Gallery

“About Last Night” - 9"x12" Acrylic and ink on paper mounted to board

I am going to be in a group show at the Arris Lofts, in Long Island City (Queens), NY this friday in a show called FALSE MEMORY. In this piece, I wanted to re-explore and flesh out an idea that I painted originally for one of my Giant Robot post it paintings. Also, I wanted to play with implied shapes, ect. Below are more details on the show….


Arris Lofts- Workspace 5, 27-28 Thomson Ave, Long Island City, NY
Friday, November 18th | 7pm - 11pm 

Featuring the work of: You Jung Byun, John Jay Cabuay, Rob Cerrato, Eric Collins , Sam Wolfe Connelly, André da Loba, Daniel Fishel, Daniel Hertzberg, Brendan Leach, Dongyun Lee, Minjin Lee, Eli Luntz, Michael Marsicano, Erik Maniscalco, Joanna Neborsky, Nook, Robyn Ng, Clay Rodery, Matt Rota, Dadu Shin, Rich Tu, Bryce Wymer