Fall Arts Guide - Washington City Paper

About two months ago, I got a call from Brooke down at the Washington City Paper to do their Special edition Fall Art Guide that comes out this week in September. The seasonal guide is basically a list of galleries, movie theaters, plays, concerts and other art related things that are going to be awesome in the Washington DC area. Doing any seasonal guide is a dream job of sorts because its just dealing with the theme of the season and the concepts are so wide open that you can pretty much draw anything you want. For me, I got to throw in a Boston Terrier which is the best dog in the entire world. No offense pugs!

The sketches I sent in were ideas that I would have made or have made as personal pieces in the past but tweaked to fit the idea of Fall Arts Preview. In the past, artist had to shove all of the arts into one image, but this year Brooke was open to the idea of either representing one or a few if the image was strong and showed Fall. Sketch #1 was really close to being the winner but because of a previous cover being bike related in the weeks prior, Sketch #2 got the green light.

Brooke was cool with letting me do some hand lettering and manipulate the logo to have a lino block texture which is really cool!

Big thanks to Brooke for hiring me to do one of my favorite assignments of the year!