Country Manor

For the last eight month’s I’ve been working on writing and illustrating over 20 memoir like stories or ‘visual essays’ if you will. After creating all 20, I selected the best 12 to put together in the form of a book. The reasons why I choose some images over other images were simply based on either the quality of the image not being strong or the story would be to personal to put out there so I opted out of showing it.

In the version you will see at the visual arts gallery this thursday in print and the version I posted below on issuu, is a shortened text version of what I originally written. My thought is that if you are in a gallery you wouldn’t want to stand and read the whole story, and if your just getting a sense of the story online you wouldn’t want to read three or four pages of a short story for one image. It’s really something that’s meant to supplement a larger text.

My goal ultimately is that this acts sorta as a portfolio and as an object I can try to sell to a publish in hopes to add ten to fifteen more stories over the coarse of a year (looking at you drawn+quarterly, abrams, chronicle books and fantagraphics). Maybe it will be an extended self-published jawn. Who know’s, but I am excited to see what reactions this project will bring about. Also keep in mind that I’m a decent story teller, and not the best writer. My friend Danielle did some of the editing but I did most of it myself, so please be patient as the writing is still somewhat a work in progress.

I hope you enjoy this.