Arizona Iced Tea x Art Basel

A week before Thanksgiving I received a call to collaborate with Arizona Iced Tea. They asked me to do a window display mural for one of their PR events at Ricochet Lounge during Art Basel in Miami, FL. They loved my personal work and wanted me to do whatever I wanted to do as long as I put Arizona Iced Tea somewhere in the image.

The window display is loosely based off of one of the pieces I made for my duo show with John Malta. Unlike a lot of the editorial work I do, I wanted to make a piece of work that you could build your own narrative to. Is she waiting for her friend to come out to go bike riding? Did she stop on that part of the road because she was curious to what was going on in the house?

Lina Hargrett, who was my point of contact for this project, sent me a cell phone picture of the 12 foot window display as she drove by. Even with the sun glare, it looks good to me! I’ll post a better photo soon when I get it.

Lastly, the fine folk at Arizona Iced Tea were kind enough to include me in their artist lounge on their website with some examples of my work. It’s a bit buried on their site so click here if you want to read my interview…

Big thanks to Arizona Iced Tea, Lina, and Ricochet Lounge for letting me take on such a huge project.