April goes to Paris

So the other week I got an interesting phone call from Kate, who’s an editor for thefeast.com to do an illustration for a summer series of stories they were working on. For those of you who don’t know, The Feast is a food/pop culture blog which are two things I enjoy a lot. In particular, the stories this summer I would illustrate are about April Bloomfield’s adventures, traveling around, and eating a bunch of different food.

After sending in some sketches, we went on the idea of her foodie companion sleeping in a train seat with Paris, and different dishes patterned on the blanket he was sleeping with. Cool idea right?!?

Sadly, the final illustration was killed at committee. I was asked if I wanted to finish a different idea that was a bit more narrative than conceptual. Also they asked if I could add a decorative border around the image to make it more foreign postcard like. I was down to give it a shot.

This was a tough image to come up with because the writing from the blog post is so straight to the point. By point I mean, just talking about the food, and didn’t leave much room to make an image to really pull from. I think that working with Kate has led me to create an image that captures a sense of celebration in being in one of the best cities in the world.

You can read the whole thing blog post here