Album Art

Preview of a spread for the upcoming Maycomb(UK) record due out in the next few months! So Excited!

Growing up, I never knew about art galleries or about artist past the 6 artist most people knew about (Da Vinci, Lichtenstein, Warhol, Casset, Michelangelo, Pollock.)One thing I was aware of was music and the artwork it came with. Album art, punk rock and skateboarding were the primers to what wanted me to pursue that thing where people draw stuff for money. Illustration, as I found out, was that thing.

Fast forward to a few years ago, I got my start doing illustration, silk screening show posters for a venue an hour north of Philadelphia called Siren Records. This is all a big thanks to Mike Wohlberg who showed me how to work digitally and pretty much inspired me create silk screened art work. Especially using photoshop as a way to separate colors for the silk screen process. From doing these posters, led me to creating tour posters, t-shirts, and even record covers for a lot of really cool bands.

These days I have been doing a lot of editorial work, which I love doing a lot. Solving visual problems to be printed in a magazine is completely a dream. Especially because you can buy that magazine and see the work anywhere in the country and in some cases the world. I love working with bands, because I know they are putting in 100% writing/recording their music just like I am putting 100% to make them the best packaging they would ever want. Almost always, I have worked with bands that aren’t on record labels or on small labels, so even though the pay off is $mall, I feel like I am contributing back to the visual culture. Both for bands that only play in their local areas and through out the country as the band tours and sells their CD to buy a burrito or gas for their van. Even if only a bunch of pink haired 14 year olds buy them, I don’t care.

Below are some highlights of cool things I have been working on for the past 6 to 8 months.

The guys of Citizen called me up to create a record cover for their split album with the Fragile season, that resembled the feeling of home not feeling the same as it was before.


Louder than bombs wanted a record cover that evoked the idea multiple memories. I had a crazy idea of having different moments in time/views being paneled on top of a portrait.

Allison Weiss, tumblr famous, indie rocker is a total sweet heart! She wanted me to reintrepret her current record cover art of “…was right all along” for it’s re-release on Either or/ Records. All she said was, make it moody. The backside of the record is of Brooklyn apartments, with lit windows, and dimed windows.

Lastly, Allison Weiss is doing a digital EP called “I was an Island”, with new versions of I was an island. Allison wanted the cover to be iconic of summer, and minimal. This EP artwork is also going to be a single color silk screened record cover for a limited edition pressing on vinyl. Way Cool right!?!?