After thoughts

A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of working with Cody over at Honolulu Magazine. The piece I did was for a really short section called after thoughts. This article was about the stuff we find when we are moving. Specifically, the story was about Mike, a writter at Honolulu Magazine, moving from one cubical to another and the personal history he uncover from the past seven years.

In all of my ideas I wanted to show some sense of discovery as well as illustrate a ton of stuff that he had piled in his cubical. In the end, Cody choose #2 to move forward with but I had to do a likeness of the writer.

I haven’t had to do a real likeness in a long time and the reference I was provided with was just okay. After googling Mike (which is kinda weird to say in our day and age right?!?) I found a few images of him in his glasses that I was told he wears. Still not close enough to the reference I needed but I made due to make an image that I really like.

There were certain points in the article that mentioned that Mike found his ex-girlfriend’s framed photograph and how he had to hold back from facebooking what she’s been up too. He also mentions a Panasonic tape recorder that he used in his early days of being a journalist. I thought that was a really nice moment in the story.

Thanks again Cody for working with me on this story. It was a lot of fun to do!