Independent Study with Daniel Fishel - SPRING 2016

Since 2013, I have had the opportunity to teach over a dozen people over the internet how they can become better illustrators. The idea of teaching online classes came up from a series of folks who were interested in taking a class with me if the opportunity presented itself. Teaching these online courses has been a great way for me to help other illustrators grow, challenge themselves and enhance their technical/conceptual skills to tackle the markets they want to work in. 

As of right now, I am offering up to 3 people an hour a week session to work with me over the internet to improve your skills as an illustrator.

Sign up for the SPRING 2016 semester by Friday, January 29th!!! 
Classes Start Monday, February 1st. 
Email me to sign up.


Class subjects: (class syllabus upon request)

  • Editorial illustration portfolio: 11 weeks / February 1st - April 17th
    - Overview: Visual story telling using figurative illustration narratively and conceptually, business practices of illustration (Promotion, invoices, ect), a brief introduction to the history of editorial illustration's past and present.
    - Objective: The beginning of an illustration portfolio geared toward editorial illustration.
  • Visual Story Telling: 10 weeks / February 1st - April 17th
    - Overview: We will spend the first few weeks talking about how to tell a story narratively and conceptually using personal stories. We will spend most of our time together afterwords creating a series of images for one story or a series of stories.
    - Objective: A zine/series of zines/picture book to self publish
  • Lettering and Picture Making (NEW!): 10 weeks / February 1st - April 10th
    -Overview: Design and illustration have always worked well together like peanut butter and jelly. Through a series of projects, we will explore various picture making techniques, symbolism, hand lettering basics, letter form anatomy, and the structure of what makes a good blend of design and illustration.
    -Objective: A portfolio of posters, book covers, album art and a zine.

Click here to read Testimonials from a few folks who've taken the classes already...

FAQ about the Independent Study

Why take one of your online classes and not a Contunuing Education class at X school?

I have a few issues with Continuing Education Programs. For one, you have to travel to a location which adds onto the amount of money your paying for the class, supplies, ect. An illustration class may exist that you would like to take but it may not fit into your day to day schedule. Also, I've had teachers who gave more attention to some students and less to others. Doing an online class ensures that you have my undivided attention in helping you improve your skills, and is flexible with your schedule.

How are you and I going to work together?

Once you sign up for the class, we will schedule a time and day to meet up once a week for an hour over Skype. Some days will be less than an hour and some days we will go over an hour. I even wrote out a syllabus to follow along that will be slightly altered based on the individual artist. The objective is that your getting one on one time with myself to talk about how to improve your craft and story telling abilities.

Who should take a class like this?

  • Self taught artist/illustrators looking to expand their knowledge on illustration as a visual communicator and as a person who runs a business as an illustrator.
  • Students taking a semester off of school who still want to keep their skills sharp before going into the next semester.
  • Artist/illustrators thinking about graduate school that don't want to jump into graduate school just yet for any number of reasons.
  • Recent Grad's looking to learn a little more about illustration as a visual tool and as a practice. 
  • Anyone who wants to improve their visual communication skills and get more insight on how to jump into the field of illustration.

Wait how much?

$500 paid in two payments**. $250 on the first friday of week one and $250 on the first friday of week six via Paypal (sent as a personal gift to avoid surcharges.)


Want to do two courses at the same time? $700 paid in two payments**. $350 on the first friday of week one and $350 on the first friday of week six via Paypal (sent as a personal gift to avoid surcharges.)


The reason why payments are spread into two payments is to keep myself and you the student honest. I am working for you to help you improve. I don't want to seem like I am taking your money and never answer your emails again. $500 is roughly $100 more than your typical Continuing Education class. I see it as being an added cost to the convenience to choose the day and time to talk about your work on a one on one level for 10 weeks. 

**I am flexible if you want to seperate your payments in thirds or forths if doing halves is too much.

Who are you again? 

My name is Daniel Fishel, and I have been working as an illustrator and hand letterer professionally since 2008. I even have an MFA from School of Visual Arts in illustration as a visual essay. I have worked with the New York Times, Washington Post, Boston Globe, Globe & Mail, McSweeneys, Sundance Film Fest, Arizona Iced Tea, Lands End and many more that I've listed here along with a list of interviews (videos/podcasts/writen interviews)/press. I currently teach one day a week as an adjunct professor at CityTech in Brooklyn, NY.